Smart city agenda
Event Type Location Date
Smart Cities Connect Conference Austin, United States 26 Jun 2017
China International IoT Exhibition (IOTE) 2017 Exhibition Shenzhen, China 16 Aug 2017
Smart Cities Live Conference London, United Kingdom 12 Sep 2017
IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2) 2017 Conference Wuxi, China 14 Sep 2017
2nd SmartBlueCity Euro-Mediterranean Conference 2017 Conference Heraklion, Greece 28 Sep 2017
IoT Solutions World Congress 2017 Exhibition Barcelona, Spain 3 Oct 2017
Autnonomy 2017 Conference Paris, France 19 Oct 2017
Nordic Smart Cities Conference Stockholm, Sweden 24 Oct 2017
Smart City Expo World Congress 2017 Exhibition Barcelona, Spain 14 Nov 2017
IoT Tech Expo North America 2017 Exhibition Santa Clara, United States 29 Nov 2017

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