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8 hours ago
By Joan Torres

Thirty cities were added to the Centre's Smart Cities Mission and a total investment of Rs. 57,393 crore was announced by Union Urban Development Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu on Friday, taking the total number of smart cities to 90.

The announcement marks the second anniversary of the launch of the Smart Cities Mission.

Mr. Naidu said that of the cities, 26 had proposed affordable housing projects, another 26 new schools and hospitals and 29 had proposed redesign and development of roads.

Jose Suarez
23 hours ago
Jose Suarez
Smart City Expert

Believe it or not, the parking industry is getting smarter. For cities hoping to integrate more smart technologies into their infrastructure, smart parking is a brilliant way to monitor, manage, and monetize parking. As automated vehicles go from vision to reality, smart parking will become increasingly more necessary.

One firm, IPS Group, has a solution. This smart parking firm has an all-in-one package solution for Smart Parking that tackles deployment from stem to stern. A comprehensive, fully-integrated Smart Parking platform that covers in-vehicle payment, parking enforcement management, permit management, mobile apps, metering, and data management to help cities better manage and understand its parking infrastructure.

4 days ago
By Joan Torres

Europe’s social services face a challenging time. Angela Merkel is fond of saying that Europe has 7% of the world’s population, 25% of its wealth and 50% of its welfare spending. If the continent is to avoid a continued period of stagnation and austerity, it will need to explore more radical options.

The first challenge is to tap our collective intelligence. There are many tools available to involve more people in the design and implementation of social care policies, through platforms such as At their best, these draw on the experiences and expertise of service users and frontline workers to help solve problems. They put people at the centre of designing social services.

The second challenge is to commit to experimentation. No one knows what social care models will work best in 10 or 20 years’ time – the only way to find out is by experimenting. Some governments, with Finland and Canada at the vanguard, are exploring alternatives to top-down national policies. Th...

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Thibault Van Der Auwermeulen
5 days ago
Thibault Van Der Auwermeulen
Founder of 4Instance (public management) & ExpoPolis (virtuel fair software)

"Smart City Virtual Expo connects government officials with vendors"

I believe the public sector will be more and more interested working with startups.
A startup stands for: Innovation, Creativity, Flexibility, Smart approach and AFFORDABLE.

But how can both "public sector" and "startups" meet each other ?

Jason Black
6 days ago
Jason Black
Project Manager

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced that digital technology and data lie at the heart of his vision to make London the world’s leading smart city.

As part of his plans, Khan has unveiled a new £1.6 million clean tech incubator called Better Futures. This aims to help 100 London-based small businesses to deliver low-carbon and clean tech products to tackle the causes and effects of climate change.

The scheme should be the start of a clean-tech cluster in the capital.

According to the a report by IESE Centre for Globalisation and Strategy, London is the leading European smart city. It is second in the global rankings behind New York.