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Sushil is experienced in handling different types of customers across the globe.Proven track record of success in creating new KPIs, solving critical problems and successfully executing plans strategically. His strategical plan saved 80% time of $360k resources.He witnessed many generation of mobile modem development, analyzed competition, influenced design changes.
He is experienced in new business creation and development, Several years of product management and product ownership experience. Sushil helps companies to bring new business through collaboration. He has done extensive market research and analysis in different domains to bring values down. He has ability to imagine future technical and business opportunities ahead and utilize further in incubation.
Sushil has vast experience in presenting executive summary, business opportunities and innovative models to CxO level (CEO/CTO/CFO/COO).Time to time, he has proposed solutions to their unrecognized pain points .He has successfully managed high challenging projects with cross-company and cross-industry collaboration. During his career, Sushil has been comfortable com...


Domains of interest
Transportation and parking Energy and water Buildings and urban planning Education and research Art and cultural heritage Security and public safety Integration and social programs Travel, entertainment and sports Healthcare Waste management Communications and IoT Open data and privacy People and citizens Sustainability and environment Investment and entrepreneurs Homes and hospitality Shopping and retail Government and administration Monitoring and benchmarking Democracy and participation Payments and finance


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Sushil Pandey

Sushil Pandey

Entrepreneur|Founder|Strategist|Leader|Coach| Innovator| IoT|Smart cities/Mobility|5G |strategic biz dev|Exp Management

Munich, Germany

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