Prior to forming his current agency, Geo Scripcariu started to work in the PR side of the consulting business back in 1997 when he joined - as Public Relations Director - the ranks of the strategy and technology consultancy Booz * Allen & Hamilton, Inc. ( headquartered in McLean, Virginia (US) - one of the Top 20 global consulting firms. His consulting experience includes also employment as Public Relations Specialist with the Washington D.C. based legal consultancy Financial Markets International, Inc., as well as with the Tokyo based Overseas Cooperation Development Institute and Pacific Consultants International, Inc.

Geo’s senior executive business experience was shaped out in organizations such as The Coca-Cola Company, Inc. where he was employed as External Affairs Manager, in charge with “preserving and enhancing the image of The Company in Romania Region”, overseeing a 500,000+ USD departmental budget, and as Account Manager with Marriott International, Inc., in the pre-opening office.

Geo Scripcariu experienced also the Romanian IT&C industry working as PR and Communications Director with Grupul SAP Integrator Romania and as Account Manager / Global Markets with the Business Solutions Department of SOFTWIN.

Last, but not least, Geo undertook a PhD in Open Source Urbanism and is the initiator of a project called INDIGO city aiming to build a suite of powerful apps which help the users perceive and act upon the concept of Urban Source Urbanism.

Domains of interest
Transportation and parking Energy and water Buildings and urban planning Education and research Art and cultural heritage Security and public safety Integration and social programs Travel, entertainment and sports Healthcare Waste management Communications and IoT Open data and privacy People and citizens Sustainability and environment Investment and entrepreneurs Homes and hospitality Shopping and retail Government and administration Monitoring and benchmarking Democracy and participation


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Geo Scripcariu

Geo Scripcariu

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Bucharest, Romania

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