Founder & CEO MyCity360 from IPC Group.
Elite group of Israeli entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the Israeli high-tech industry and global.
Provide unique and innovative solutions, making cities smarter.
Our solutions based IOT platform, & our flagship product is a smart parking system, a unique and innovative, which increases the city revenue, improve public order, reduce traffic congestion, and more.
Who I am and what my background:
An expert in making cities smarter, by combines technology and management methodology, with the understanding that success lies in the combination of technology and management
consultant certified by Bar-Ilan University, an instructor of Leadership and
Excellence in Organizations Groups at Gishot college. Tsahi has an MA in EMPH (Multi - Disciplinary Emergency Situation and Disaster Management Program for Executives and Senior Management) from Tel Aviv University. Tsahi is a veteran of the Israeli security services, in which he held operational and management positions. Tsahi is an expert and possesses extensive knowledge and experience in managing organizational systems, strategic thinking, formulation of effective work processes, results-oriented management, leadership and team management in dynamic, changing environments and extreme situations and the implementation of learning processes and the lessoned-learned process.

Domains of interest
Transportation and parking Energy and water Buildings and urban planning Education and research Security and public safety Healthcare Waste management Communications and IoT Open data and privacy People and citizens Sustainability and environment Investment and entrepreneurs Government and administration Monitoring and benchmarking


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Tsahi Luft

Tsahi Luft

Founder & CEO MyCity360

Tel Aviv, Israel

Member since 11/2015