I lead teams in large Technology projects for Smart Cities, Global Firms, Entertainment Venues, Energy, Higher Education, Government, Healthcare and High Tech industries. If you are building a Corporate Headquarters, Governmental Center, Stadium, Casino, Performance Center, Hotel, Campus, Theme Park or need a 4th generation Thorium MSR; I would like to meet with you.

I have led national and international teams into high profile projects that included AT&T, BART, Bloomberg HQ, Cisco, Compuware HQ, Dubai Mall, Dubailand, Fluor HQ, Level 3 HQ, MGM Studios HQ, Nike HQ Expansion, Qatar Education City, Tower Records Intl expansion, Union Pacific HQ, UCDMC, UC Merced, and many others.

Currently working on opportunities in Smart Cities, Desalination, Entertainment, Frack Water Mitigation, Healthcare, Hospitality, Hydrogen Fuels, Mobile Applications, Natural Gas, Thorium Power Plants and large Corporate Campus projects.

I just accepted a senior advisory role with N3N, for Big Data overlay in control centers and C Suite Management. We can demonstrate the technology at Cisco’s EBC in San Jose.

Specialties: Art of the introduction to high value customers, Business Development, Branding, Marketing, A/E/C training and teaming on major projects: Auditoriums, Broadcast, Conference, Desalination, Digital Signage, Entertainment, Energy, Facilities Construction, Multimedia, Nuclear Molten Salt Reactors, Telemedicine, Video Global Collaboration.

Domains of interest
Transportation and parking Energy and water Buildings and urban planning Security and public safety Healthcare Waste management Communications and IoT People and citizens Sustainability and environment Investment and entrepreneurs Homes and hospitality Government and administration Monitoring and benchmarking


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Walter Horsting

Walter Horsting

CEO, Global Village Utilities

Sacramento, United States

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Director, National Business Development