Chris is a smart city expert and principle of KnowNowCities. Chris designs smart places and specialises in finding purpose for information. Co-founder of KnowNow Information - an award winning data services company.
Chris is a member of the City Standards Institute, a Chartered Engineer and published author for a number of articles.
A transport and mobility expert with an engineers concern for data privacy to be retained by the citizen.

Domains of interest
Transportation and parking Energy and water Buildings and urban planning Education and research Art and cultural heritage Security and public safety Integration and social programs Travel, entertainment and sports Healthcare Communications and IoT Open data and privacy People and citizens Sustainability and environment Investment and entrepreneurs Homes and hospitality Shopping and retail Government and administration Monitoring and benchmarking Democracy and participation


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Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper

Smart City Expert - Innovation - Consulting - Design

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Member since 2/2016

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