Starting my career as BDE in small scale and company having limited set of skill was really not easy to grab the market at domestic level as well to generate business. Moving toward the International Business Development was great experience and still continuing.

No one is perfect, and I believe in each step of our life we should be ready to learn new things always. That's why I love to write, read blogs, International news and everything which helps to improve my skills.

As Business Developer my main focus is not only to reach target, but to help my client's to fulfil their dreams with their technology needs.

Working as BDM is always a big challenge, but if you will enjoy your work I am sure you will get success. Having capacity to handling multiple clients at time is never easy, But I manage to do always with 100% satisfaction.

Getting new business is always challenging and difficult, and even after getting business its more difficult task to keep client and my development team happy.

Few Skills in which I am good:

✔ Content writing
✔ Wire Frame
✔ Business Meetings
✔ Cold calling
✔ Lead generation
✔ Business strategy
✔ E-mail marketing
✔ Team lead...


Domains of interest
Transportation and parking Energy and water Buildings and urban planning Education and research Security and public safety Integration and social programs Travel, entertainment and sports Healthcare Waste management Communications and IoT Open data and privacy People and citizens Sustainability and environment Investment and entrepreneurs Homes and hospitality Shopping and retail Government and administration Monitoring and benchmarking Payments and finance


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Darshan Kalsariya

Darshan Kalsariya

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