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Jürgen Schmidt
10 months ago
Jürgen Schmidt
Smart Consultant

Over the last decade or so, you may have heard a lot about the many different applications of solar street lights.

When you think about it, the locations fit for solar street lights are not as limited as many would suggest. People perceive limitations in solar street light applications caused by weather conditions (lack of sun) and shading. However, the introduction of smart technology and the sheer amount of under performing outdoor lighting units together with remote areas without lights increase the potential for installation of new solar street lights or solar retrofitting.

With the ongoing smartification of cities by applying new energy efficient technologies, implementation of green urban design projects and increasing demand for energy savings you can always find a diverse range of potential applications for solar powered street lights (such as public parking lots, parks, sidewalks, squares, city districts, roads, bicycle lanes and many other).

As with any renewable energy product that comes onto the scene, customers are chiming in with, "Will it function longer and better than other street lights? How to achieve ROI and energy savings in the shortest period possible?"

The short answer is: "Absolutely". The longer answer? Read on to find out what are some of the main urban applications of smart solar street lights.